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A New Beginning?

A Talk by Diederik Wolsak

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Have we finally reached the point where collectively we say: “There has to be a better way?” It is true: the air is cleaner, birds are singing, the sky has taken on an unfamiliar, deeper, blue hue. We stay at home; we go for walks; there is little or no traffic. This is, of course, all wonderful but utterly meaningless because all these changes were imposed on us through outside circumstances.

Unless we recognize that a true New Beginning is exclusively an inside job, the past six months will have been a blip on our inevitable march to witnessing the end of the ‘Human experiment’ as we know it. Corona is nothing compared to what we are doing daily to our planet, to each other and, yes, most devastating of all, to ourselves.

There is a better way. That way involves falling in Love with the Self. Join me in discovering how we can do that. Join me in truly making a New Beginning. Join me in beginning to Know that You and I are One.

“Come, we know a way, a path from the house you’ve lived in for so long, to a garden that will take your breath away.” (Rumi)

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Diederik Wolsak

Diederik Wolsak